Our company started its commercial activities in 1997 with the import of marble, granite and natural stone processing materials. New generation polishing machines in the face of the demands of its customers on the in-place polishing of natural stones and It continued to work with the import of synthetic resin diamond abrasives used in machines

As a result of the distributorship agreements we have made with different companies in line with the needs of the industry and technological innovations, the product. We continue to serve our valued customers as solution partners by increasing the diversity in our portfolio. By setting new targets as of 2015, we have started synthetic resin diamond abrasivat manufacturing at its own facility in order to offer the diamond abrasives used in our industry and depend on abroad to you, our valued customers, with high quality and minimum cost.

All equipment and raw materials used in the production phase are imported from abroad. It is used in interior and exterior of natural stone cladding buildings, wall cladding, flooring, stair step, bathroom and kitchen applications. Natural stones are products that users cannot give up due to their harmlessness to human health and aesthetic appearances.

Natural stones used as façade cladding, flooring in indoor and outdoor spaces lose their brightness on the first day by getting in time due to atmospheric factors and human traffic. The synthetic resinelmas abrasives we produce and the new generation polishing machines we import and the restoration work with

As a result, the first day brightness can be restored to natural stone surfaces.

It is not possible to protect natural stones against corrosion and wear by applying chemicals. At this stage, the care specially produced for natural stones by ItalianLantania and Bellinzoni companies we distribute,

protection, we recommend using the chemicals. We are always proud of realizing firsts by offering new innovations in the field of natural stone to our customers by closely following new technologies abroad.

In order to be able to do useful works in the development of the sector and to be always one step ahead, we continue our R&D studies. Fay İnşaat is the leading company in the sector with its production and training fields with a monthly capacity of 15,000 units, with a closed area of ​​1.000 m2.

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