SUPERVAK KY90 ASC (Automatic self Cleaning) are the ideal machines to vacuum a huge quantity of dust even the finest without having to change the filter continuously. Thanks to the electronic timer, that regulate the time of cleaning filter, allow to vacuum fine dust like cement, flour, sawdust and ceramic dust without stopping for cleaning filters. Ideals to connect to floor grinding machines.
- Automatic Self Cleaning filters is the Patented system to shake and blow the filters at the same time
- Electronic Timer to control the self cleaning: cleaning cycles can be modified according with the job and to the vacuum dust.
- Continuous cleaning: vacuum is always working even during filter cleaning.
- Anti-static filters to avoid electrostatic shocks
- Plastic bags to collect the dust
- New SUPERVAK BAG LINE. The dust goes directly in to the plastic bag. NO MORE PROBLEM OF DUST WHEN EMPTY THE RECOVER TANK

The models Supervak series “SC” (Self Cleaning) are the economic version. In this version the only difference is that the operator, instead of the electronic timer, chooses when to clean the filter simply by turning the “lever air”. Even in this case the machine doesn’t stop vacuuming