Manual planetary polisher for grinding and polishing: counter tops, stairs, small surfaces, edges, narrow areas.
Thanks to its powerful and sturdy motor and to the contra-rotating planetary it is possible to grind and to polish marble, granite and concrete.
It defers from all the others machines on the market for its robustness/hardiness and its perfect balance.
The speed of the abrasives is studied in order to make the machine stable, making the grinding and polishing operations not difficult/laborious and simple thanks to the 3 contra-rotating diamonds.
It is supplied of splashguard and predisposition for exhaust fan.

Thanks to its accessories, you can transform the Ufo in a Floor machine in order to:
- grinding and polishing stairs;
- grinding and polishing marble floors, stones, concrete surfaces
- sanding wooden floors
- antique flooring of marbles, stones, wood