Extrema is the ideal machine to grinding and polishing edges and corners of polished concrete, marble, granite, stone, cement, etc. NO MORE PAIN !! Extrema’s 360° steering handle allows you to work standing up, no back pain or sore KNEES! Two CONTRAROTATING tools with vacuum system incorporated to work free of dust.
- The Extrema cutting heads can be made to cut toward or away from each other. This versatility is important because each job present a different grind challenge and on each unique floor you will note that working in one direction over the other will produce a far better finish.
- As an additional benefit to enabling cut stability, the Extrema utilizes wheels on both edges to help guide the edger as it goes along the wall. This ensures that you can make a clean smooth cut along the entire edge run.
- The Extrema is not small, it weighs in at a little over 100 pounds and if you choose the water tank that of course adds considerably more weight. It does come with a dust skirt, and dust port, which is important for dry grinding.

Main advantages:
1. Great Design Layout
2. Dual Cutting Heads
3. Edger Guide Wheels
4. Dual Machine levels
5. Wired for 120 or 220v single phase power
6. Dust Skirt and Dust Port for dry grinding