Levighetor 650 is the ideal floor machine for grinding and polishing medium-large areas in marble, granite, polished concrete floor, conglomerate, stone, industrial surfaces, cement, gres, terracotta, etc. Thanks to its new Planetary Head K1500 with a 20 - 500mm working section and 8 - 200 mm tools it is particularly fast for repolishing, grinding, floor preparation medium-large areas. Very stable and easy handling. It is possile to use the resin bond diamonds 8 - 200 mm (kit 3 discs) or the JUMPER 3 - 75 mm ( kit 9 pcs - 3x holder).
QUICK ATTACK to change tools without hammer and or tools. Only with your hand!!
Quick removal of Planetary for easy transportation.
To Grinding and Polishing Granite and Gres floors you need Planetary Head K2000