- First grinding machine with 6 sfalsate counter-rotating staggered heads for a perfect surface levelling. with the 6 sfalsate heads it is guaranteed the flatness of the surface and the perfect balance of the floor grinding machine.
- Innovative system of automated change tools: with actuators the head rotates of 90 allowing the operator to change the tools without having to lift the grinding machine.
- Adjustable work pressure from 500Kg to 750 Kg: with an central actuator it is possible to give more or less pressure to the tools.
- Completely made of gears for a superior duration and reliability: there are no belt transmission that are subject to breaks.
- Radio Remote control: multidirectional joystick to avoid vibrations to the operator.
- Maximum silence in order to work in whichever place
- Third extractable front wheel for easy transportation and to climb on vans.
- Planetarium inclinationin to allow a bigger amount of frontal removal
- Extractor room with effective collection of thin powders
- Presence of greaser for a fast and effective maintenance
- Maximum Performance, no vibrations to the operator
Floor grinding machine with REMOTE CONTROL by Cable or RADIO REMOTE CONTROL: to avoid vibrations to the operator
Extremely strong Grinding machines with metal gears Planetario head. No belt to break! The first completely automated floor and surface grinding machine that simplifies the smoothing operations and changing tools. The head rotates of 90. QUICK ATTACK to change tools without hammer and or tools. Only with your hand!!